Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hi Again,

Dad and I stayed in the house most of the day. No outings today. But Dad is needing some Half and Half for his coffee so we may go out later to get that.

Some of our neighbors have a beautiful Chocolate Lab dog. Nearly every time I pull the curtains back on the window towards where he is, he starts barking at me. I can just barely move the curtain, and if he sees it he starts in! It is cute. I think he probably remembers that Princess used to sit in that window and he could see her. She and I often sat there together and looked out the window. She loved that. I miss her so very much. There's just no way to describe the feeling.

2010 will soon be a reality. I was just wondering what the most common New Year's resolutions are? We could probably make some pretty good guesses about them. I read somewhere that the top three are: Lose weight, quit smoking and exercise regularly.

Click Here to listen to "What a Wonderful World" sung by a lovely 7 year old girl. I think she is from England.

Bye for this time!
Love from


  1. What a wonderful way to help me start my day! I hope everyone who visits your sight today will take the time to click and listen to "What a Wonderful World". Connie Talbot is just so precious, those blue eyes, her smiles and that voice just made tears come to my eyes from smiling so much.

    And to lose weight may be the most common resolution but I think you and Dad should make one resolution.. to get a new cat who will sit by the window with you and lay on you lap or on top of Dad's desk when he is trying to write his blog. The cat will know it is loved.

  2. Dear Ms. Mary:

    Those are good resolutions for those making them, I'm sure -- and don't we hope and pray they will get the Support they need to make them reality? ;)

    Your friend Joan above may have a very good idea there. What do you think? Oh, how I know the terrible emptiness that comes when a beloved cat goes on ahead...and the only thing (besides knowing that my beloved one is safe in the Care of the Creator Who loves all cats immeasurably) that helps is to make room in my heart and home for another deserving rescued cat. What a tribute to our loved ones saving another life can be!

    Love and best wishes for a very happy New Year from Jamaka and fams

  3. Mary, I wanted to send you my condolences for your Dad. He was such a special part of my day! I just ordered one of his books and wanted you to know I got it.