Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today I am only going to be able to share a little joke that our family loves to hear my great-niece Mandy tell.
She first told it when she was just a little girl, and we still get her to tell it every chance we get.

A man goes into a restaurant and places his order for a bowl of soup. The waiter soon brings the man his soup, but as the waiter walks away the man calls him back, Here is the exchange between the two of them.

Man: Waiter, taste my soup!
Waiter: Sir, is that not the soup that you ordered?
Man: Waiter, just taste my soup!
Waiter: Is it not hot enough?
Man: Just taste my soup.
Waiter: If you could just tell me what the problem is...
Man: Waiter, just taste my soup!
Waiter (sighing) says: O.K. Where's your spoon?
The man says: Aha!

Thanks to Mandy!
P.S. Here is a cute link for you animal lovers!


  1. Mary I have to laugh every time that I hear this. Keep on doing what you are doing which is very interesting to Dad.

  2. That is a cute one and I'd not heard it before either. Thanks for the SMILES this morning!

  3. hmmmm ... That joke sounds very, very familiar! haha! It is funny to think about how traditions get started. :)

    Love you and Grandpa so much!

  4. Cute joke. I have to remember it and tell it to my friend's grandson who loves jokes. Every phone call is spent telling jokes between grandfather and grandson. Thanks for the SMILE.

  5. Dear Ms. Mary:

    Ah, that is a very good joke! Mandy has quite a wit, I see -- it runs in the family, too! ;)

  6. That is very cute Mary. Thanks for sharing Mandy's joke with us. Helen