Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi from the Tennessee Valley,

Thanks for the suggestions about organizing coupons! If you have any other ideas please let me know. I think I saved about $17.00 with the coupons we used yesterday.

I had an appointment today with the neurologist who diagnosed me with Parkinson's about a year ago. She wants me to go to Nashville to the Vanderbilt Clinic in Feb. for a consultation. They have a well-known movement disorders clinic there.

The Dr. also scheduled me for an MRI right after Christmas.She thinks I might be having a few very mild mini strokes and wants to decide what medicine to give me if I need something stronger than the low-dose aspirin.

This poem came to me after a friend told me about seeing a little turtle toddling along on the sidewalk downtown.

My Little Walk In Town
By Mr.Turtle

One day as in the grass I lay
There came this little thought:
"It's such a lovely, sunny day,
I think I'll take a walk."

I had no certain place to go,
No one I had to meet,
With carefree steps I moved along,
On little turtle feet.

No one seemed to notice me,
They all were rushing by,
But I enjoyed my little walk,
Just me, myself, and I.

Then up ahead I saw some stairs,
Just one of many hurdles,
That have to be confronted by
Us little, bitty turtles.

At first I thought I might go back,
Or go around that hurdle,
But then I thought of Mother's words,
"Nothing stops a turtle."

So straight ahead I went and placed
My foot upon the rock,
Nothing now could keep me back,
From going to the top.

All at once I heard a cry,
A startled little, "Eeeeek!"
A lady looking quite surprised,
Stood inches from my feet!

I wasn't scared; somehow I knew,
(E'en though we hadn't met)
That she was happy just to see
A turtle climbing steps!

And so this is my story

My walk was very sweet.

And I returned safe, home again,

On little turtle feet.


Here is a good web page for all kinds of good-to -know information.


Bye for now.

Love from Mary


  1. Hi, Mary! It's Dad's friend Becky in California. Sorry I haven't stopped by before but Jessie and I have been moving house and this is the first I've been online in a few days. I am so happy you started a blog! I've always wanted to "get to know you better" since your dad mentions you so often and you're clearly a talented poet.

    Well, it's almost midnight here and I'm tired! Still haven't recovered from the moving. I'll be back soon, though!

  2. You'll be in my prayers for sure. I'm hoping that they find some good news for you with the consultation and the MRI.

  3. Good Morning Mary...

    Oh, what a cheerful poem. After reading about your heath issues it was nice to have such a beautiful poem lift our spirits. I hope your blog and poem writing will keep you calm and peaceful as you go thru more tests.

  4. I love your poem! It is adorable. Hope all goes well at the doctor. You'll have to stop in and see us in Lebanon during your trip to Vanderbilt!

    Love ya,

  5. You are so talented! Such a cute and adorable poem. I love you, Sis!

  6. Dear Ms. Mary:

    Laughing! What a cute poem and how talented you are! ;)